Tuesday, November 24, 2009

We've gotten to live here for 2 years

I went to the Christmas pazaar yesterday, essentially a big craft fair put on for the international women of Istanbul. The pazaar is great but one of my favorite parts was riding the boat to the European side and taking in the beauty of this city. So often we are in such a hurry, racing to get to our destination, bumping into everyone along the way, we forget to take in the amazing view. Our 2 years here have not come without difficulties or homesickness but I must admit a rush of bittersweet memories has rushed over me lately. The people here are so hospitable and we have made many friendships we will never forget. As our time draws to a close I am trusting that the Lord brought us here for a reason and for now he wants us back in America. We will continue to pray for this city and praise him for the time he has given us in this incredible place.

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