Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Lake and a Wedding

First Dance

The new Mrs. Lance Stuckey!! and sweet Lindsey

Tim and I at the lake, more pictures to come!

This Saturday the Rose family took the whole Akin clan to Lake Gaston. Lake Gaston is a huge lake about an hour away with lots of beautiful houses along the shoreline. We had a great time riding on the boat, tubing, swimming, and water skiing. Tim, Paul, and Nathan all tried water skiing for the first time and did great! It was 100 degrees outside but luckily the lake water was still cool enough to provide a refreshing escape from the heat. We had lots of fun and are recovering with some sore arms and a few sunburns : )

Tim and I left the lake a little early to make it back for the wedding of our friends Cynthia and Lance. I met Cynthia in class my second semester at school and have been so grateful for her friendship, especially in a school full of boys. She and Lance got married in a little chapel here on campus and the ceremony was beautful! The bridesmaids wore chocolate brown dresses carried boquets of fall-colored flowers. Cynthia looked gorgeous and made the perfect bride. I am so excited for the new Stuckeys! They make such a wonderful couple and I'm sure everyone would agree that God is going to use them in many great ways.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Pictures of a few highlights of the summer

Tim in his official JellyBeans uniform courtesy of our good friend Mr. Larry Jones

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A post! finally!

I created this blog site several weeks ago and I have to admit I was a little nervous about starting to post, but here we go......This blog is Tim and I's best attempt to keep everyone updated with our lives. In the recent months Tim got offered a job in Central Asia as a football coach for a university. We are extremely excited about this opportunity and we look forward to living in a different area of the world. This summer has been one of transition for the both of us as we have graduated college and are both working part time jobs as we wait to leave the country. Tim has been working at a local skating rink called JellyBeans, yes, a skating rink, you read correctly. He has had a great time handing out skates and working the "stuff shop". I have been babysitting and working at school. Also, this summer we got to visit with my family on Memorial Day, spend a week with Tim's family at the beach, and traveled to Orlando to visit some friends. In two weeks we will begin living like nomads as we travel to Kentucky, Central Asia, back to Kentucky, and then Virginia, only stopping in North Carolina a few days in between. Please pray for us as we begin the difficult task of saying goodbye to family and friends. Moreover, as we prepare to leave the United States for 2 years.