Thursday, April 10, 2008

Fenerbahçe Futbol Fanatic

A few weeks ago Tim got an amazing opportunity to go to the Fenerbahçe vs. Chelsea futbol game. After a few days of wondering whether or not he would get a ticket a few friends from the American Football team pulled through and got him a seat. He was ecstatic and I have never seen him so interested in soccer. The day of the game finally came after much anticipation and we started to realize that he would stick out like a sore thumb in the middle of all the fans. We made a quick trip to the Fenerium store, bascially the "book store" of Fenerbahçe's team, which is filled with all the gear any fan would need for a game. Luckily we stumbled across a great European-looking jacket and ear warmers for him to wear that night. He also wore an official jersey given to him by one of his friends on the Football team. It is really cool and even has his name on the back! With all his gear I felt alot more comfortable that even though he might stick out people would know for sure that he was cheering for their team.

Tim left the house around 6:00 with the game starting at 9:45. He met a few of his friends from his team for dinner which turned out to be quite an event in itself. They got their food, which they ordered, and would not tell Tim what it was he was eating. It turned out to be intestine, yep you read right, Intestine!!! YUCK!! (Note to self: Do not let others order for you!) After dinner they headed to the game and Tim said he instantly got into the cheering and over all had a blast. I had a great time at home, not with all those crazy fans, watching the game on TV and listening to the cheers linger from the stadium into our apartment. Even more exciting is that Fenerbahçe pulled out a win against Chelsea. That game will definately be one Tim will never forget.

An example of the craziness in the stadium, not the game he was at, but I can only imagine. He had a great time, I think I would have been overwhelmed.

My futbol fan, I felt like I was sending him off to his first day of school.

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