Sunday, June 21, 2009

Beach Bums

We went to the Beach last week with Seyfo and his family to their beach house in Saroz. Tim says it is close to Greece, I'll have to look for myself on a map.

Anyways, it was so wonderful to get out of the city for awhile. Instead of seeing concrete we drove for 3 hrs with this as our scenery.

Saroz was so beautiful. It reminded me of when we used to drive to Kansas to see my sister, with a big body of water next to it. The complex where the beach house was so cute, and quiet. It was so nice to hear the trees moving with the wind, and the birds chirping in the morning.

Seyfo's mom was an incredible hostess. We ate like kings the entire time. We ate almost every meal outside on the balcony, one of my favorite things to do. Every morning we would have Turkish breakfast which consists usually of olives, cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, tea, and bread. I have to admit that I think I would choose that over any American breakfast from now on. She is an amazing cook, we were so blessed to be able to spend time with her and Seyfo's aunt. They love Levi and he was never at a loss for someone to hold him and love on him.

We did some of my favorite things while we were there. Of course we went to the beach everyday. The water was so cold but the last day was really hot and it felt great. Levi loved the beach and he had his own personal baby pool which worked out great since he wanted to eat all the rocks on the beach. We also went to an amazing bazaar. I got a cute little dress for about 2 dollars! Yeah! Tim and I also got a good chance to rest and slept any chance we could get when Levi was sleeping. It was so refreshing.

We had a blast getting to know their family better, relaxing, swimming and eating wonderful food. We hope that this is the first trip of many others this summer.

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Where have we been?

About 3 weeks ago we got the dreaded gray screen and flashing question mark on our desktop which=our hard drive was done! Emails, documents, and the worst part all of our pictures GONE! I have really enjoy our MacBook and would recommend it to anyone, but man it was a PAIN to get it fixed here and find someone who would take our AppleCare. We finally got our computer back last Friday and our Internet would not work either! Luckily I have a computer friendly brother who helped us get back online. I am not sure if we are finally in the clear, but I thought I would at least blog while I still can.

This past few weeks have not been without some action. One week I almost flooded the entire apartment while trying to fix our water valve on our toilet. Water was literally pouring full blast out of the wall. I thought Levi and I would have to start treading and eventually swim out of the apartment from the balcony. I was also scared because Tim was on the European side, about an hour away, for a meeting. Luckily we have the best neighbor ever and he helped me clean up that mess! He is pictured here with Levi, we have been having tea with him occasionally, which is wonderful language practice.

Our neighbor also just yesterday helped Tim get out of the elevator which he was stuck in for about 30 mins with two of his players. We really do not know what we would do without him.

Summer has arrived, well at least to me anyways, here in Turkey. There is not a cloud in the sky, and I love it!! The produce is so delicious right now and I can't wait for the peaches to really start showing up. Levi and I have been hanging out in the baby pool on our balcony and I am not sure who likes it more at this point ; ) We are glad he is getting used to the water because this week we get to go to the beach with some local friends for 3 days. I can't wait to see my little water baby in action! No crawling yet, although he looks like he is getting close.

Tim is gearing up for another season with tryouts both this past week and the week before. He is excited about the new players that we will be adding to the Stallions family next season.

We missed yall!

Its good to be back!

Of course I wouldn't leave you without some recent pictures of our cutie!

Levi and Daddy at the last football game

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