Friday, November 21, 2008

One Month

Yesterday Levi turned one month! As most new moms have experienced, I cannot believe a month has already passed, it went by so fast! Levi is getting so big, today we had his one month checkup and he now weighs 10lbs and is 22 in. That is 2 more lbs and 2 more inches since birth. We are so proud of him as he is doing new things everyday. Within the past week I have been able to tell a huge difference in his focus in the bouncy seat. He loves looking at the toys and even gets his hands up there to hit them every once and awhile. He's also sleeping more and more every night, which makes Tim and I very excited. More updates to come! I'm sure month 2 will be here before we know it!

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Levi's Room

Levi's room used to be filled with football equipment but with a few trips to IKEA (my favorite!!) and crib from some friends it is the perfect little bedroom for a baby boy!

Cozy in his bed!

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Binki Love

Levi loves his "binki" as we like to call it in our family. So much so he wants to make sure it stays in at all times!

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Levi's story

Well, I just looked at my last blog post, dated about three months ago, to those of you who even check our blog anymore or get those update things, my sincerest apologies. Seeing that we now have our precious Levi and have added a grandbaby to our families I am realizing the importance of blogging more often since our little guy is changing so much everyday. I thought I would first catch everyone up to speed on the day he was born.

On October 17th I went in to see my doctor and discovered it would be my last as a preggo lady. We had discussed me being induced earlier in my pregnancy, especially because my parents were flying in from America, but more and more it seemed like a distant possibility. We were getting ready to leave when all the sudden she asked "So Anna when would you like to be induced, Monday or Tuesday?". Most of you who know me know I am pretty indecisive however this took me a total of 2 seconds to decide I wanted to be induced on Monday. Levi was already getting pretty big, I was uncomfortable, and my Mom scheduled to fly in on Sunday. So we scheduled me to come in at 9 on Monday morning. Tim and I left the hospital a little in disbelief and excitement knowing we would have a baby in just a few short days.

Sunday came and my Mom flew in, and man was she a trooper!! I am usually falling over I am so tired after an international flight but she was great, and she was wide awake on Monday morning at 9 ready to go to the hospital. When we got to the hospital they did a few routine procedures and around 11 am put me on an IV with pitocin in order to put me into labor. I prepared myself to be ready for a long day as I had heard of some friends who had been induced were in labor a really long time. However, when my doctor came in (who I love!!!) she gave us a surprise saying that she thought Levi would be here by the end of the day around 7 or 8. I was so excited, and relieved!! The pitocin was doing a good job or at least it seemed so to me but the nurses were coming in every 30 mins or so asking if I had any pain, to which I pleasantly answered, "no not at all". In response they would, with a smile, go to my IV and pump up the dosage. I kept thinking I would feel more contractions but I really didn't feel that many.

Around 3 my doctor came in to check in on me and at that point "accidently" broke my water. I guess it was ready to break, and I definitely started feeling contractions then. Luckily my epidural came soon after, and the pain subsided. Around 6:30 I really started feeling the urge to push, as they also started to bring in all the equipment. (Which by the way, is a little scary, it was my first delivery but does anyone else think those trays of sharp objects are a little creepy??) At one point during this time I told Tim to go get the doctor because I felt like he was coming right away. As soon as he walked out she was walking in and soon after I started pushing. With my mom and my husband by my side Levi was born at 7:02 after 30 mins of pushing. He is absolutely gorgeous and continues to look like Tim and I in different ways.

Having a baby in another country was definitely an experience working through the language was a challenge at times. It is an experience we will never forget. The hospital we go to is beautiful and everyone we worked with was wonderful. I am so grateful to everyone who came to visit us and help us as we got through this first month, we couldn't have done it without you! I can also tell that we had a lot of prayer for us during this time and for that we are so grateful. This is a long story cut very short but I hope to keep you updated as much as I can on our little man in the coming future.

Here are some pictures from that special day!!

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