Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Despite the fact that we look 16 in this picture, we did celebrate this man's 24th birthday yesterday.

And thanks to my Mom and my Dad (who by the way is always so sweet to gather everything, get it ready to send and mail us goodies from the States) the house was dressed in full B-day attire. Complete with a table cloth, Birthday banner, and plates and napkins.

We had chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, Yum! And opened presents. Who needs gifts when there is wrapping paper?

We even got the courage later on in the day to venture to the European side and brave the traffic to go to Johnny Rockets.

It was Levi's first time in a high chair, and boy his Mommy and Daddy were sure smitten with how cute he looked.

The waiter even gave him his very own Johnny Rockets hat.

We all had a great day celebrating but have to admit we were tuckered out at the end of the day.

By the way, this came just in time to celebrate his birthday,

It's his all time favorite. And the first one in Turkey. We had a great time last Friday celebrating Tim's birthday with the team and introducing them to his favorite American restaurant. And we all took witness as he took down a Chocolate Molten Cake all by himself, which you know for Tim is a feat.

Happy Birthday Babe!! You're my best friend, a wonderful father, teacher, and coach. I am so proud of you and everyday look up to you more and more! Love you!

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

New Apartment

I just looked over my previous blog and saw I forgot to post pictures of the new apartment! Here it is! We got it fully furnished and are really happy with all the new paint and floors.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hi, it's me again.

I know I have been missing. I hadn't really felt that guilty about the way I have neglected our blog until recently. Today I was looking at my sisters blog and saw a link to mine in which the most recent post was "3 months!". The fact that Levi is 2 days away from being 5 months reminded me again that I am a terrible blogger. I love looking at other peoples blogs and know I do not do my part to contribute to the blogging world. I feel like I do one of these posts every couple of months in which I try to make excuses for my negligence and this blog is no different. We are tired. Each and every day lately has been packed to the minute it seems. Each night I feel like we are rushing to get Levi bathed and I am scurrying around trying to find something to make for dinner, which recently has been around 8:00. A few weeks ago we started apartment hunting and were blessed to find one that suited all of our needs and we love it! (Pictures later on in this post) In the midst of all of that we have looked, signed and moved in in the course of a few weeks. We have internet now, it took awhile, and I still have some rooms that need to be organized. Pictures of their status will not be shared, but it feels so good to be settled again.

In other news the Stallions added a new member to the football team this past game, # 7, and I have to admit he is really cute in his uniform ; ) None other than Coach Tim Akin helped the Stallions take their first victory with a score of 20-0. He would never tell you but he scored 2 Touchdowns!! We were all so proud of the team, they did awesome! It was a cold day but filled with lots of fun with the small crowd of friends that came to cheer them on. I am so excited to see how they do in the next couple of games. I got some video of the game but unfortunately always forgot to start the camera during the really exciting moments. Sorry Akin brothers.

Levi is still growin, growin, growin. He now can easily roll both ways and loves to put everything in his mouth. We are so proud of him; especially the way he handled the move and all of the places we have taken him lately.

Hopefully it won't be so long before there is another post, but I am not making any promises : /

Levi thinks his Daddy is hilarious

Some footage of the game. Tim is #7 in the back and has the hand off to #11

Levi and his girlfriends

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