Thursday, December 3, 2009

He is a he

Many of you may know by now that we are expecting our 2nd baby around the middle of May. Ever since I got pregnant I had a gut feeling that it was another boy, and sure enough at 12 weeks our doctor made a guess that it was indeed a boy. I have been referring to him as a boy since then. Well, I know everyone says thats too early to tell but at my appointment Wednesday, I was 15 1/2 weeks the doctor did not even have to tell me, it was very obvious it was another baby boy! So "he" is officially a he.

We are so excited for this little guy and are ecstatic that Levi will have a brother to play with so close in age. He has been obsessed with new born babies lately. I was holding a friends new born the other day and he came up and said "Ohhhh". He may just love this baby too much, in that we will have to watch the smothering!

This has been a great pregnancy so far, 16 weeks today! I have felt great and we are blessed to be able to receive an ultrasound at every appointment, it really puts our minds at ease about the baby. I am so excited to back to America in just two weeks, but I will sure miss my doctor here and the care I have received.

In other news we have been quarantined to the house. The boys have had the flu, getting better everyday thank goodness. We only have two weeks before we leave Turkey, it seems like we have a lot to do as each day is flying by with increasing speed. Hope to get a post in every now and then.