Wednesday, November 18, 2009

We did have a birthday party for him...

I just haven't blogged about it : /

But we did, about a month ago have a get together with some good friends here to celebrate this big boy's one year. We had a great time and I think Levi was more excited about the other kiddos to play with than gifts. The party did start around 6, and he is usually really happy to be in bed by 7 so he pulled a late nighter and we all had a blast. He wasn't thrilled with the cake, somewhat anti-climatic for a mommy and daddy who wanted him to shove it in his face, oh well! I made a football cake, which I almost thought I would have to give up on because the sides kept falling apart! Luckily my mom gave me a few pointers and with a few first layers of thin, melted icing, I was able to finish off the job. It was so much fun and we look forward to many more birthdays with this precious boy!

Playing with some new goodies!

I put that cake on his face, that is how uninterested he was.

Yes, there are six candles, at the time I thought the traditionally 1 looked really lonely on the very large cake.


The Akin's said...

YAY for pics from the bday party! loved the cake-so perfect for yall and so cute! good job! love yall

Kay Sue said...

I look every day for a post!!!! Thanks for the cute pictures!!!!!

Love, you